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Court strikes voter-approved legalization of marijuana

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Making marijuana legal has been a popular ballot issue subject for a number of years already. In leftist states like Colorado, the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes has prompted “pot shops” to sprout everywhere.

It’s still illegal under federal law but there are proposals to change that, and so far that failing has been just sort of ignored.

But now one state has moved the opposite direction.

South Dakota, whose voters approved the legalization, has seen its state Supreme Court reverse that.

The Rapid City Journal published a report that the court affirmed a lower court’s decision nullifying the voter-approved amendment to the state constitution – on a technicality.

The court ruled that the ballot issue addressed more than one subject, which is not allowed by the state constitution.

“It is clear that Amendment A contains provisions embracing at least three separate subjects, each with distinct objects or purposes,” explained the chief justice, Steven Jensen.

The majority opinion found recreational marijuana, medical marijuana and hemp each to be separate issues.

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