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Court rips 81-year-old from his peaceful, off-the-grid cabin and gives him an ultimatum

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For 27 years, 81-year-old David Lidstone lived off the grid in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

His water was from the Merrimack River. His power was from solar panels. His food was grown, and pets and chickens were his company. He’s known as “River Dave” by boaters and kayakers who pass by his two-level A-frame cabin, according to an Aug. 5 Associated Press story.

The property is on a 73-acre plot that is family-owned and used for harvesting timber. Therein lies the rub: Even though Lidstone says the owner gave his word he could stay on the property, he has nothing in writing.

The owner, 86-year-old Leonard Giles of Vermont, says he never even found out about Lidstone until the town administrator discovered the cabin in 2015 and contacted him “with regard to the solid and septic waste disposal and the potential zoning violations created by the structure.”

Giles complained that Lidstone was squatting starting in 2016.

After a years-long legal battle, Lidstone found himself in jail. While he was behind bars, his cabin burned down on the afternoon of Aug. 4 under mysterious circumstances in a case being investigated by local law enforcement.

According to the AP, Lidstone was jailed July 15 on a civil contempt sanction after years of legal wrangling following a 2017 order by a judge mandating that he vacate the property. Officials said he’d be released from jail should he agree to leave the cabin.

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