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Cop uses innocent woman’s license plate, leaves her with $1,600 toll bill

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(File photo by Joe Kovacs)

A Colorado cop assigned to a drug unit attached a “stolen” license plate to his undercover car and left an innocent woman with an unpaid $1,600 toll bill, causing the state to refuse to register her new car while the assessment was unpaid.

A report in the Denver Gazette explained that officials in the city of Longmont now are promising to correct the huge mistake.

The report explained Debra Romero, 52, of nearby Westminster, was told by the state she could not register her new vehicle until she pays the fees incurred by the officer.

She has back problems, she reported, and has been forced to rely on others to get her to physicians’ appointments because of the issue.

The Gazette explained it was, according to police records, Acting Police Sgt. Stephen Schulz, who led the Longmont narcotics unit, who reportedly took the license plate from the police department’s property and evidence room and used it.

His actions reportedly avoided the proper procedures for officers to obtain plates to use on unmarked cars.

“In an internal May 5th police memo, Longmont Police Command

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