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Constitutional expert wonders if there can be insurrection without anyone ‘insurrecting’

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New Jersey National Guard soldiers and airmen arrive near the Capitol to set up security positions in Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 2021. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Matt Hecht)

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley says there’s going to have to be a key question resolved as the court cases progress against those arrested for breaking into the U.S. Capitol, or just being there, during what ended up being a riot on Jan. 6.

“The question is whether you can have an insurrection without anyone actually insurrecting,” he wrote in a new column. “That Zen-like question may find its way into the hearings of some pending cases.”

His comments came after FBI sources explained they’d found no grand scheme by Trump supporters to attack the Capitol that day. President Trump had had a rally earlier in the day and urged his supporters to protest “peacefully” at the Capitol when Congress was to formally adopted Joe Biden as the presidential election winner.

A handful of people broke doors and windows to enter the Capitol and some Joe Biden supporters who weren’t even in the building, but were in other nearby locations in Washington, claimed they feared for their lives.

Several people did die, mostly from natural causes. One Trump supporter was shot and killed by a policy officer. One officer died of natural cases the next day and several more committed suicide in the following months.

But WND reported several law-enforcement officials have told Reuters the FBI has found scant evidence of an organized plot.

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