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College surrenders to prof who refused ‘mandatory diversity training’

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Converse College Jeffrey Poelvoorde (Converse College)

A professor apparently was won his battle with college officials over their mandatory diversity training, maintaining his post after he was ordered eight months ago to complete the courses.

Jeffrey Poelvoorde of Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, received a warning letter from Provost Jeffrey Barker in August 2020, the College Fix reported.

If you don’t complete the mandatory diversity training, “Converse will take appropriate corrective action, up to and including termination of your employment,” the letter stated.

But Poelvoorde not only has kept his job, he’s heard nothing from his supervisors on the matter.

“I believe that they did back down from their threat of termination in the face of unfavorable publicity,” he told the College Fix via email last week.

“I must say, I do think there was a minor victory here,” he said. “I wasn’t fired, although I lost the respect and collegiality of a significant portion of the faculty and students at Converse. I can live with that.”

Poelvoorde said the reaction of his colleagues “speaks to the larger war and the longer struggle for the soul of the academy.”

He said he’s grateful for the support of influential alumni and enterprises such as the Academic Free

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