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City backs down in fight against church, pastor uses moment of triumph to glorify God

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As a resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ridiculous eminent domain battles are nothing new to me.

For example, according to the Institute for Justice, the city of Arlington took 13 acres of private land for the Texas Rangers’ Ballpark in Arlington in 1991. I’m a huge baseball fan, and I’m all for essential public services, but time after time, area municipalities seem to hit nothing but foul balls.

Last year, the city of Duncanville filed a motion to seize the Canaan Baptist Church, according to The Texan. The city wanted the property in order to build a fire station even though Dallas Fire Station 33 was less than five minutes away.

Ignoring the obvious inefficiencies in its proposal, Duncanville proclaimed in the city’s resolution that the matter was one of public welfare.

“The City Council of the City of Duncanville, Texas, hereby finds and determines that a public necessity exists for the welfare of the City and its citizens; and, it is in the public interest for the City of Duncanville Texas, to acquire two parcel of real property in fee simple located at 308 and 232 West Camp Wisdom Road, respectively, Duncanville, Dallas County Texas, for public purpose of constructing and maintaining a fire station and other public appurtenances through the use and right of the City’s power of eminent domain or negotiation in accordance with the

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