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Citizens enlisted to combat destructive ‘weaponization’ of ‘woke’ companies

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(Image by Sharna Lee from Pixabay)

A website called Stop Corporate Tyranny has been launched by a center-right coalition that aims to help citizens combat “the Left’s weaponization of corporate America against traditional beliefs and values.”

“Stop Corporate Tyranny is a one-stop shop for educational resources exposing the Left’s nearly completed takeover of corporate America, along with resources and tools for everyday Americans to fight back against the Left’s woke and censoring mob in the corporate lane,” the website states.

The promoters of the site say they aim to “dissuade corporations from engaging in activities that undermine free enterprise, individual liberty, limited government, free speech and the rule of law.”

“Companies must instead return to their primary role — as fiduciaries for their investors. We seek to restore a healthy understanding of, and respect for, liberty, free enterprise and American culture all of which is being corrupted by corporate oligarchs.”

The site offers activism campaigns in which citizens can engage. One of the latest responds to the corporations headquartered in Georgia that are opposing a law enacting new election-integrity safeguards.

After condemnation of the law by the CEO of Delta Air Lines, the Coca Cola corporation, President Biden and others, Major League Baseball decided Friday to withdraw the All-Star Ga

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