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Christendom is ignoring the only hope for America

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I have to be blunt. There’s an element of our citizenry that is stunningly gullible. They’re people who place both hands over their eyes and in their sightless state go about pretending to see.

There’s one hope for the people of America (and the world), and He is Jesus Christ. You will note that I said: There’s one hope for the “people of America.” There’s absolutely no hope for America. And yet with the adroitness of the liar and deceiver that he is, Satan has deceived people into believing otherwise, and I speak specifically of Christendom.

The earth is going to be destroyed by fire. That’s a statement of fact. It’s not open to interpretation despite what anti-biblical atheists try to argue. Nothing, not one thing people claim they’re fighting to save is savable, unless the Word of God is untrue.

Specific to point: In Donald Trump, America had a stalwart president and leader. President Trump was one of the greatest presidents Americans ever elected. But the very people he was committed to helping complained about him. They complained because President Trump was a no-nonsense straight shooter who didn’t waste his breath with manure smoothies called political speak.

Republicans fought President Trump on practically every initiative he undertook for We the People. Many of President Trump’s accomplishments have been dismantled with the help of Republicans. There’s no scenario in which we would see the horrific footage of Afghan people falling from the wings and landing gear of transport planes if he were still rightly in offi

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