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Chinese engineers confirm existence of F-35-killing superweapon

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The country President Joe Biden once said couldn’t “eat our lunch” is readying a hypersonic drone that could take out our most advanced fighter planes, the South China Morning Post reported Monday.

According to the report from the Hong Kong-based outlet, Chinese military researchers have found a way to safely land unmanned aircraft flying at or over five times the speed of sound, bringing them closer to potentially neutralizing American air superiority.

The news comes from a paper published last week in a Chinese peer-reviewed journal by researcher Dai Fei. She and her colleagues working with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force said they’d made improvements to hypersonic drones.

The Morning Post noted hypersonic technology “has progressed considerably, with China and Russia deploying various types of hypersonic missiles in recent years, and growing interest in applying the advances to drones.

“But bringing such aircraft back to ground safely has proved problematic.”

The Morning Post cited Chinese professor Wang Xing, who spoke about deploying hypersonic drones against America’s F-22 and F-35 stealth jets at a conference last year.

Both aircraft can fly at over twice the speed of sound. A hypersonic drone, Wang said, could catch up to the American jets in a matter of seconds.

Of course, a drone that can’t be landed is going to be a difficult sell. Most aircraft can land using software, and if thing

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