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Chess Playing Marine Signals More Moves

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Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s first public video put him in the public eye and referenced chess briefly, but not in such a way as to draw attention to chess as a particularly important part of his thinking. In it, he simply said, “If you play chess, you can only see two to three moves out, because there’s too many variables.”

Then, as shown in the first article of this series, Lt. Col. Scheller’s second video and social media posts showed he is certainly riddling with chess, as the video conspicuously featured a board set-up known as the ‘Trompowsky Attack’ and the post included commonly understood chess notation indicating the next move to be played in the sequence.

On August 31, Lt. Col. Scheller posted again, and again he signed with a chess move:

“General Berger/Sir,

I understand you want to court-martial me. Your entire staff has already told me. All the Captains you spoke to today already texted me.

You recently banned all unit social media pages so that you could centralize the message. Because, I’m assuming, you think Marine leaders aren’t capable of passing a message in line with your intent.

Your problem right now… is that I am moving faster than you. I’m out maneuvering you. Where can we find this philosophy…


That post has since been deleted.

Another August 31 post is still up. It contains an image of a letter of resignation he sent that day, along with the note:

“To The American Leadership,

We the people submit our resignation with a requested date of 11 September 2021.

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