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Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick Dies After Confrontation with Protesters in US Capitol

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By Jim Hoft

Published January 8, 2021 at 8:39am

Brian Sicknick

Capitil Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after protesters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

Reporter Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier on the incident.

A source has told TGP that the officer had a “medical emergency” (possibly a stroke) while on duty during the protest It is not clear if it was connected or related to the unrest.

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The media reported that the officer died from injuries suffered after being hit with a fire extinguisher during the protest on January 6. They lied.

The officer is currently hospitalized in critical condition from a “medical emergency.” It is not confirmed that he was struck with a fire extinguisher, or if the medical emergency was even related to the protest.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has also announced his resignation effective January 16.

More than 50 capitol police and Metropolitan Police Department officers were injured, with several hospitalized with serious injuries, one seriously, “after he was pulled into a crowd and assaulted.”

Four other people died on Wednesday, including Ashli Babbitt — a 14 year veteran who was shot dead by Capitol Police.

Sund has faced harsh criticism for the response to the unrest and failing to keep the determined protesters out of the building.

The BBC reported:

A police officer who died from injuries he suffered during the pro-Trump siege of the US Capitol has been named.

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