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Calling the Presidential Election – and Beyond

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Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

If you’re thinking Joe Biden will be seated behind the desk in the Oval Office on January 20, put that thought on hold. I’m standing by my Sept. 26 prediction that President Trump will serve a consecutive second term.

What happens between now and inauguration day, and in the weeks following, will not be pretty. I believe tensions will rise sharply after Jan. 6, and when it’s finally announced that Joe and Dr. Jill will not be moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you can expect to see violence across America like you’ve never seen before. The Deep State, both the vanguard in Congress and their Marxist street guerillas, will not like being Trumped a second time.

Three months ago, on Sep. 26, I wrote a piece titled, Predictions for how 2020 comes to an end. In that article, I made seven prognostications.

First: Trump would win in a landslide. He did.

Second: Joe Biden would not concede. He didn’t.

Third. Massive voter fraud would create confusion. It did.

Fourth: Election results would be delayed. They were and still are.

Fifth: Some states would try to throw the electoral college into confusion. Some have.

Sixth: Nancy Pelosi would be acting patriotic and concerned about the Constitution. She has. (Emphasis on the word “acting,” because she is neither.)

Seventh: Marxists on the street (Antifa, BLM, etc.) would intensify their burning, looting, and murdering. This one hasn’t happened—yet. But as I mentioned above, once Trump is declared to have a 2nd term, this seventh prediction will come true, and violence will break out in massive waves.

Brace yourselves

Anyone who’s thinking ahead has already stocked up on essentials.

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