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Byrne Points to Lindell v. Dominion/ Smartmatic “MOAB”

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Patrick Byrne has released a legal complaint from Mike Lindell’s lawsuit against Dominion and Smartmatic in the United States District Court of Minnesota. In Lindell v. U.S. Dominion Inc., et al., the plaintiff demands a jury trial to “stop electronic voting machine companies from weaponizing the litigation process to silence political dissent and suppress evidence showing voting machines were manipulated to affect outcomes in the November 2020 general election.”

Lindell v. U.S. Dominion Inc., et al. has 17 exhibits. Exhibits are trial evidence and are subject to objections by opposing attorneys. These exhibits are provided to support the allegations of wrongdoing made by the plaintiff, in this case, Mike Lindell, against the defendant, in this case, Dominion et al.

Byrne’s posts have called one of these exhibits “the money shot.” It includes detailed data alleged to be forensically recorded evidence that proves foreign interference into the 2020 General Election through electronic voting machines, including IP addresses, country of origin, and the number of votes switched in each breach incident. These allegations were outlined in his documentary Absolute Proof,but now we have that data, and it could be admissible in court. “I vouch for that data.” wrote Patrick Byrne on Telegram, and “It’s like having the DNA of the murderer at the crime scene.”

We previously reported on Lindell’s Frankspeech platform launch and the release of the documentary sequel to Absolute Proof titled Absolute Interference. He has also released informational videos titled “Scientific Proof,” and now the newly released Absolutely 9-0 as of yesterday.

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