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Buyer’s remorse: Now voters would pick President Trump

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President Donald J. Trump participates at a roundtable on donating plasma Thursday, July 30, 2020, at the American Red Cross-National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

Buyer regrets aren’t uncommon. Impulse buying is a routine factor in the American economy, as catchy ad slogans or impressive display images can impress. But it’s relatively simple to return or donate that unflattering article of clothing, that now-unwanted furniture.

There even are options for undoing major purchases like used cars, although those paths may come with a higher cost.

But it’s not so easy when the buyer’s remorse is over the presidential election.

And that’s what Americans are facing, according to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets.

“Regrets: Trump would beat Biden today, more women and blacks support,” he wrote. “A slew of new polls have come out this week showing the shrinking support for and approval of President Joe Biden, his average now below 50%.”

He continued, “But today, Rasmussen Reports is issuing the capper, telling Secrets that in an election do-over, Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump. By a six-point margin, 43%-37%, likely voters would pick Trump over Biden ‘if the next presidential election were held today.’”

Details reveal that the Democrat-weighted survey confirmed Trump would win more votes from both women and blacks than were counted in the 2020 race.

“The survey comes at a key point in Biden’s presidency.

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