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BRUTAL: Watch Gov. DeSantis Treat a CNN ‘Reporter’ Exactly the Way She Deserved to Be Treated

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CNN’s activist-reporter Rosa Flores was taken down quite a few notches by Governor Ron DeSantis during a hostile exchange at a coronavirus press briefing.

DeSantis treated Flores exactly the way she deserved to be treated.

Anyone who humiliates and embarrasses reporters like this has my vote. DeSantis rocks pic.twitter.com/56EUuvdPt0

— Eduardo Neret (@eduneret) January 5, 2021

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Flores attempted to grand stand with a long-winded question to call attention to herself, which DeSantis promptly called her out on.

“So are you going to give a speech or are you going to ask a question?” DeSantis said after cutting her off.

The “reporter” continued to have a tantrum demanding that she was getting to her question.

“You asked a question, I’m going to answ

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