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Breaking: Sidney Powell With Her latest Statements Puts Mike Pence in Hottest Seat Ever

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Sidney Powell just put Mike Pence in the hot seat with her latest statements on the upcoming 2020 election face-off in Congress.

While discussing Vice President Mike Pence, Sidney Powell said:

“I don’t see how any good Christian can certify a fraudulent election.”

Powell also went on to encourage every church to open their doors on Sunday to pray for our country.

Watch the video:

***Related portion starts at the 16:20 mark***

Pence is indeed facing major pressure from all sides to stand up for the election.

As a matter of fact, it looks like Louis Gohmert’s latest suit against the VP might just force his hand.

From Politico

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and President Donald Trump’s defeated electors from Arizona may force Vice President Mike Pence to publicly pick a side in Trump’s bid to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Gohmert and a handful of the would-be electors sued Pence in federal court on Monday in a long-shot bid to throw out the rules that govern Congress’ counting of electoral votes next week. It’s an effort they hope will permit Pence — who is tasked with leading the Jan. 6 session of the House and Senate — to simply ignore President-elect Joe Biden’s electors and count Trump’s losing slates instead.


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