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BREAKING: Judge Amero In GA Election Case Gives SoS Raffensperger The Ability To Decide Case Against Raffensperger Allowing Election Fraud

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VIDEO LIVE HERE 9AM EST: CDMedia/The Georgia Record Will Be Reporting Live From Judge Amero's Courtroom Tomorrow In GA Ballot Inspection HearingJudge Brian Amero, Henry County, GA Superior Court Chief Judge

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1035 Reporting terminated

1032 – Fulton County wants case dismissed, sent back to Fulton County judges

1027 – VoterGA requests ballots be protected in interim – Judge gives 20 days to develop plan to protect ballots in conjunction with Sheriff, VoterGA will need to pay for additional security

1025 – Judge delays case for 20 days to get report from GBI, GA SoS Raffensperger’s office on investigation into counterfeit ballots

1020 – County ecstatic, overjoyed, case delayed – Judge wants to give Raffensperger the ability to decide case against Raffensperger

1020 – Judge wants to stay case

1019 – Judge wants to invite State Board of Elections to submit amicus brief, and GBI, 10 or 20 days says Judge

1018 – Judge seems to want to turn over issue to SoS Raffensperger’s staff

1017 – SoS says investigation still ongoing

1015 – Judge brings in GA SoS on video

1013 – Court resumes

1007 – Judge takes 5m break

1005 – Judge Amero seems to be possibly deferring case until GBI and SoS investigations are complete

1003 – County saying affidavits from witnesses were a lie

1000 – Amero asks how do you determine if there was fraud if you don’t look at the ballots?

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