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Breaking Info About Georgia Runoff Results

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One of the reasons that folks on the right have been so upset over the Nov. 3 election is not just that many believe it was stolen from President Donald Trump, but also the concern that if you don’t fully answer/resolve the questions that have been raised about the election, then you can’t be assured that it won’t happen again.

A recent USA Today poll found that fully 78% of Republicans don’t believe that Joe Biden was legitimately elected. While the media wants to blame that on President Donald Trump, as indeed they blame everything, it has far more to do with the media failure to actually address the questions raised, dismissing sworn affidavits and the failure to comply with state laws. That’s a big issue when you fail to address the concerns of that many people.

Now, as we approach the Georgia run-offs, Fox is reporting that we may not know the winners in the run-offs for “weeks.”

Georgia Senate runoffs may not be decided for weeks https://t.co/1LmNMFKANS pic.twitter.com/s95nxMnvzG

— New York Post (@nypost) December 26, 2020

From the NY Post:

Election officials in Georgia are gearing up for the possibility that next month’s Sena

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