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Border life with illegals and smugglers

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As I scroll through the news on the internet as well as in local newspapers, I’m struck that the reports concerning illegal aliens crossing our southern border tend to focus on numbers – the increase of border crossers over the month or year.

We’re told the border is wide open, that the Biden administration has done no more than eliminate Donald Trump’s programs to control illegal border crossings. The result has been that there is virtually nothing to stem the illegal crossings, which, we are told, have increased more than 130% over last year.

These millions of people are gathering again under that infamous Texas bridge while hundreds are being flown at government expense into the interior of this country and just dropped into cities and towns with no notice to local governments.

Thomas Feeley, who spent 25 years with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, just retired as ICE director in New York state. In an interview with the New York Post as well as with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Feeley was to the point and blunt. He said he left the federal agency out of frustration over how the Biden administration’s border policies were jeopardizing national security – adding, “We’re pretty much screwed as a country.”

He said he is more than concerned about the lack of attention from Washington concerning the border and “what the good men and women of ICE are not being allowed to do.”

In other words,

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