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Border catastrophe will sink Biden in 2022

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Well, that didn’t take long. Merely 50 days into the Biden presidency our southern border is overwhelmed by massive hordes of illegal aliens from Central America, as invited by the weak, inept Biden.

Horrific car crashes have been caused by the smuggling of illegal aliens in vans. For those traveling on foot, a sea of destitute children stretches far into the southern horizon.

On Monday, a mere 30 miles from the Mexican border, a high-speed red pickup truck caught the eye of the Texas highway patrol, which then followed the truck for it to pull over.

Every American would slow down and obey the police officer, but not a truck stuffed to the hilt with illegal aliens. Their driver stepped on the gas, accelerating to even higher speeds, and then crashed head-on into an oncoming car containing an innocent American and a young child. The smuggler then fled on foot.

Eight of the nine illegals crammed into the red pickup truck were killed instantly, while the law-abiding American victims in the struck vehicle were rushed for emergency treatment at a hospital. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being paid to smugglers, perhaps associated with drug cartels, to import illegal aliens into our country.

This migration surge is record-breaking and calamitous. Last week the Border Patrol had to take about 3,000 children into custody, holding half over the 72-hour limit.

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