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Boeing discovers unnerving items aboard secretive new Air Force One jet, full investigation launched

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Ever think about how cool it might be to have a drink aboard Air Force One?

Well, somebody at the Boeing facility where the new models of what will become Air Force One are being fitted out in San Antonio, Texas, left a couple of booze bottles inside the plane, sparking an investigation.

The incident was first reported by  The Wall Street Journal.

Alcohol is officially banned at the San Antonio plant where the plane is being developed.

However, two miniature bottles of tequila were found on one of the planes, according to the Journal.

Boeing said the issue is being treated as an internal matter.

“This is a personnel matter and for contractual reasons we are unable to comment further,” Boeing said in a statement to Forbes.

The Journal aerospace giant said the incident is not being classed as a case of what’s known as “foreign object debris,” which comes about when items such as rags or tools are left behind in the manufacturing process.

Boeing’s new Air Force One jets are modified versions of 747 aircraft, fitted out with extensive modifications for the security of the president as well the many technologies and conveniences that allow the plane to function as essentially a traveling White House.

The White House di

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