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Black Lies Matter

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I dare you to look, with a clear and unfiltered lens, at the bloody nightmare we once called the United States of America.

Connect the dots. Contemplate the utter chaos in every major city while Black Lives Matter militants, academics and bureaucrats prattle on about “systemic racism” and “two-tiered justice.” It’s about much more than the horrific mass murders and attempted murders in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the annual Christmas parade will now forever be stained by the wanton acts of alleged killer Darrell Brooks – a convicted sex offender and domestic abuser who sailed through George Soros-funded Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s soft-on-black crime revolving door like a Six Flags season pass holder.

Look at Philadelphia, home to another Soros-funded DA, where four black teenage girls beat the stuffing out of a group of Asian students on a SEPTA train in broad daylight last week. The lead aggressor, a hulking female in a hijab, brutally punished one Asian girl for asking her to stop harassing her friends. Viral video shows how Ms. Islam-Is-Peace tackled the intervener to the ground and beat her over the head with her shoe and clenched fists. Not a single adult intervened.

Un-prosecutor Larry Krasner, who campaigned on “restorative justic

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