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Biden’s Pick for Attorney General Couldn’t Be More Anti-Constitutional – Which Explains Why He Was Obama’s Failed Supreme Court Pick

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In 2016 then-President Obama tried to push through his Supreme Court Judge appointee Merrick Garland and it didn’t work. Unfortunately for Obama, after years of horrible policies, Obama lost the Senate to the Republicans. The Republicans refused to bring in Garland for a vote and held off till the election.

At the time Obama was trying to push through Garland, the NRA released a video to refute the anti-gun nominee Judge Garland.

The NRA ad featured a Venezuelan immigrant who was disarmed by her former Socialist government.  She warned us all about the communism that Garland represents.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, there was nothing they could do. They simply did not run the Senate.

Fortunate for America, Merrick Garland is not on the Supreme Court.  If he was he would be a far-left radical nutjob. We know this because he still is a far-left unconstitutional nutjob.  This is why Biden selected him to be his Attorney General.

The disgusting far-left Law and Crime website claim “In ‘Middle Finger’ to Mitch McConnell, Biden Will Nominate Merrick Garland as Attorney General.” This is who our left has become – Anti-American, rude, censoring, communists.

Recently we saw Garland in action during the General Flynn hearing in front of the entire DC Circuit Court. General Michael Flynn was fired by President Trump based on a lie perpetrated by Comey, Sally Yates, McCord, Strzok, Pientka, Mike Pence, and other Deep State characters. He was later indicted on false charges.  Next, the corrupt DOJ threatened Flynn that his son would be arrested if he didn’t plead guilty by the corrupt Mueller gang’s false charges so General Flynn guilty based on the advice of his attorneys who were working with the Mueller gang.

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