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Biden blasts elevator music to drown out shouting reporters as he walks off fake White House set

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President Joe Biden has grown notorious for his staff’s efforts to shield him from the media.

Even the overly friendly mainstream media has grown annoyed that access to the 2020 election’s conquering progressive hero has been severely limited, at best.

Biden, who has set the record as the oldest sitting president in U.S. history, also set the embarrassing record of the longest a sitting U.S. president had gone without giving a solo news conference in a century.

Since then, his handlers still keep him on a very tight leash. Whether it’s herding reporters away from the president if questions get too tough or, as rumor has it, enacting a special protocol called “the wall” to shield him from the prying eyes of the free press, Biden’s interactions with media are very carefully mitigated.

Now, it appears, they’ve added a new trick to their repertoire.

They’re just blasting elevator music over the probing questions of nosy reporters who won’t take “thanks everyone, that’s it for today” as an answer.


Joe Biden ignores questions from reporters while the White House blasts elevator music. pic.twitter.com/IMWJE72hrL

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 22, 2021

It sort of reminds you of how the Academy Awards producers will let the music swell to nudge long-winded actors off the stage, only for reporters.

Instead of cutting off members of the Hollywood glitterati as they thank all the little people,

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