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Biden admin incompetence: Blinken can’t even name Afghanistan’s prez, gives name from 7 years ago

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Does President Joe Biden’s fogginess rub off on people after a while? Asking for Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Blinken may be establishment city, the kind of claret-sipper who comes across like he thinks blue-collar means someone who had to settle for Middlebury instead of the Ivy League. However, you wouldn’t call him daft. Dull, hazy, inexact, bumbling, ineloquent, dim, diminished — none of these adjectives would usually appear in copy about Blinken.

The last two weeks haven’t been kind to Blinken or anyone else in proximity to the foreign policy and humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, but no one would ever say Blinken wasn’t up to the job. The wrong man for it, sure — but that’s if you’re a conservative. If you’re the kind of person who thought John Kerry knocked it out of the park the last time a Democrat was in a position to get a secretary of State confirmed, Antony Blinken was your kind of blandly pompous (but reasonably sharp) elitist.

Blinken was confirmed mere days after Joe Biden was inaugurated. That means he’s spent eight months with our befuddled president as his only direct superior. During that time, our secretary of State has apparently regressed to the point where, during the biggest crisis his boss has faced, he can’t seem to remember the name of the president of the country which has precipitated that crisis.

Blinken appeared on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday where he had to face some uncomfortable truths about how far gone the situation in Afghanistan was.

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