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Biden accused of ‘effectively siding with the jihadists’

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Pete Hoekstra

A former member of Congress and ambassador for the United States under the administration of President Trump says Joe Biden is “effectively siding with the jihadis.”

“We see it now most clearly in Afghanistan: like Obama, Biden is effectively siding with the jihadists. The results are predictably the same: disaster. We may never know if Biden made some sort of implicit deal with the Taliban,” explained Pete Hoekstra in a commentary at the Gatestone Institute.

Hoekstra is a former representative in Congress from Michigan, where he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. More recently he was U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

He continued, “Personally, I believe that the administration had at least an understanding with the Taliban. Biden probably thought he could limit the damage, but was then double-crossed by his jihadist negotiating partners. The people of Afghanistan, as we are seeing, will suffer significantly. The U.S. will be at greater risk from reinvigorated radical jihadist movements, not only the Taliban itself but also al-Qaida and ISIS, who might well now have a new home base in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.”

“I don’t know if Biden cares about history, but he certainly doesn’t understand it,” he said.

In Afghanistan, Biden’s abrupt pullout of American troops left the terror Taliban organization controlling the country and thousands of lives in danger.

Hoekstra explained that history is important because of the lessons it can reveal.

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