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Battling Bidenflation

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In October, I took a rare trip to the city (two hours away) to pick up a valuable item: field fencing. Specifically, six 330-foot rolls of 47-inch 14-gauge field fencing. This was not a frivolous purchase, but a serious infrastructure investment to enclose the pastures here on our new homestead in preparation for getting cows in the spring. Getting cows is part of our strategy to circle the wagons and become more self-sufficient.

Field fencing (photo: Patrice Lewis).

We already had four 330-foot rolls we purchased last December, but in the 10 months between one purchase and the next, the price of each roll doubled. Read that again: the price doubled. We don’t plan to install the fencing until spring, but we figured we’d better buy it now while we could still afford it. Y’know, before the prices double again. People are calling these skyrocketing price increases “Bidenflation.”

It seems we are not alone with this sense of fiscal urgency and the impulse to make necessary purchases before items become unaffordable. A recent article entitled “Retail frenzy to buy ahead of Bidenflation” relates the retail boom that’s taking place all across the country, calling this type of behavior “common in developing economies where hyperinflation is just a fact of life.”

Democrats are trying to spin this retail boom in a positive light – the economy is better! See how much people are spending!

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