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Battle Over Election Materials Subpoenas in Wisconsin

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After having promised a Comprehensive Forensic Examination of Wisconsin, State Representative Janel Brandtjen issued election materials subpoenas to Brown County, which includes Green Bay with a population over 250,000, and Milwaukee County, which contains the city of the same name and 950,000 residents. Both counties were rated by Seth Keshel as having high potential for excess votes in his analysis of voter registration and turnout numbers.

The subpoenas were issued “in furtherance of the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee’s top-to-bottom investigation of the 2020 Presidential General Election, as directed by the enrolled 2021 Assembly Resolution 15,” according to her press release:

“Legislators have been hearing from thousands of disgruntled constituents regarding their concerns with the November 2020 election. From outside money pouring into Democrat controlled communities, to individuals engaging in questionable activities; from improper guidance given to clerks from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, to clerks illegally prompting voters to declare themselves ‘indefinitely confined.’ The list goes on and on.

As the Chair of the Assembly Committee of Campaigns and Elections, I am issuing these subpoenas as the first step towards a full, cyber-forensic audit of tabulators and inspection of the physical ballots from the November 2020 fall election.”

The subpoenas request similar materials as those requested from three counties in Pennsylvania for a forensic investigation in July, including all physical ballots cast, samples of paper used, software, hardware, contracts, and a complete end-to-end election setup to simulate and recreate election day 2020. Also similar to happenings in Pennsylvania, Brandtjen was challenged on her authority to issue the subpoenas.

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