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Bait And Switch, The Bridge To Nowhere, And The Soft Underbelly Of Future Promise

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Guest post by Tom Burbage

Bait and Switch is a form of fraud used in many contexts. First, customers are “baited” by merchants advertising or offering services but then customers discover that the advertised goods are not available or the customers are pressured to move to much higher priced options. Awareness of the real issues is critical to prevent being taken. To some, unawareness is bliss. So….what if President Biden’s campaign rhetoric told us up front that we were going to eliminate our Southern border and create the largest humanitarian crisis in our lifetime? What if we knew he intended to tie the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center to a hastily executed Afghan withdrawal? What if he told us his plan to surrender to the Taliban could result in the loss of life to young Marines sent back to try to maintain some sense of order or that our new strategy on depending on over the horizon technologies would result in innocent civilian deaths….or that our surrender included leaving billions of dollars worth of top line US military technology to arm the terrorist group? Lost in the horror of watching these events unfold was the our loss of energy independence in seven short months,

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