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AZ: Teachers Further Weaponize CRT to “Encourage” Activism

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“Deep Equity,” “Critical Theory,” and “Collectivity” are some of the labels used by school districts in Arizona to implement their version of Critical Race Theory (CRT) documented as far back as 2018. In addition, the schools have implemented an Equity and Inclusion Initiative with 7 Principles for Culturally Responsive Teaching.

UncoverDC spoke with the Arizona Informer telegram channel administrator who is an activist in Arizona. She has no children in the schools but is alarmed with the CRT and the “Comprehensive Sex Ed” curriculum.

Principles for Culturally Responsive Teaching/Chandler School District/Arizona Informer

According to the Arizona Informer, two initiatives—Deep Equity Training as well as Comprehensive Sex Education—have been running parallel with each other since 2019. The Comprehensive Sex Ed began to surface around 2015.

Lindsay Love has played a prominent role in the adoption of both. She sits on the Chandler (CUSD80) school board and evidently, her sister is the Chair of Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Lindsay Love Social Media/Twitter/FB/Arizona Informer

According to the Arizona Informer:

“The Tweet and Facebook posts above were posted in 2020. It was this tweet that prompted her to change her Twitter handle and go private after getting completely ratioed. Her new Twitter handle is Luv2Disrupt.”

Video featuring Lindsay Love’s conflict of interest and the Chandler School Board:

In the video below, Love is seen interviewing with a representative from CAIR-AZ, where she explains why she became a school board member. She states, “the most marginalized students have been suffering trauma and discrimination in the schools.” She said that black children as “young as five” “get criminalized,” something “you see a lot with black children.” The “systems,” she explains,

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