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Attorney general drops the hammer on Critical Race Theory

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A state attorney general has issued a warning that critical race theory – that ideology that essentially concludes whites are oppressors and blacks are victims – violates federal law and his own state constitution when used to impose different results or requirements on individuals.

“Any effort to take account of race in a way that differently accords benefits or opportunities or creates a hostile environment in an educational institution is almost certainly unlawful under the Equal Protection Clause and Title VI,” wrote Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in a letter to a state lawmaker.

“This includes overt racial segregation or other discrimination, however well intended, as well as any form of racial stereotyping or scapegoating. A racially hostile environment could also be created through curricula, instruction, or other programs or activities that communicate the following ideas:”

Rutledge then listed:

  • that an individual, by virtue of race, deserves praise or criticism for taking or failing to take some action or stand, or for supporting, opposing, or failing to support or oppose some cause;
  • that certain character traits or beliefs are proper to individuals of some races but not others;
  • that an individual, simply by virtue of race, is oppressive or oppressed, privileged or victimized, whether consciously or unconsciously;
  • that an individual, simply by virtue of race, should feel discomfort, resentment, guilt, or distress;
  • that an individual’s moral character, standing,

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