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Atlanta mass shootings: Blame the ‘Purity Culture’?

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The deadly shootings at the Atlanta massage parlors were horrifying. A 21-year-old man has been charged with eight counts of murder in connection with the March 16 attacks. It was the worst mass killing in the U.S. in almost two years.

Despite the fact that seven of the eight people who lost their lives were Asian, the shooter told police that the attacks were not racially motivated. He stated he “frequently visited those places [parlors] in the past” and claimed to have a “sexual addiction” problem. He also said he was striking back at sources of “temptation.”

A former roommate told Reuters the shooter spent months in a halfway house for sexual addictions and felt deep remorse and shame for his repeated sin.

It was also reported that the shooter had been re-baptized three years ago at a Baptist church he and his family have been a part of for many years.

In light of those confessions, in short order columnist David French wrote, “The shooter’s stated beliefs and deadly actions represented a hyper-violent and extreme manifestation of a toxic theology that long corrupted a slice of Evangelical Christianity.”

Several commentators began referring to the shooter’s actions as a display of “white Christian te

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