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Assembly Line Swalwells

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By Richard Gagnier


If you were to suggest to acquaintances in your social circle even a few short years ago the possibility of sex islands used to compromise and blackmail politicians, it’s a safe bet you would have been called “conspiracy theorist,” a go-to term in phrasebooks designed for international students interested in speaking English smug. Once the Jeffrey Epstein story hit supermarket magazines and Netflix, even those friends of yours given to calling other people “conspiracy theorist” had to allow that the edges of the known moral universe might be changeable. The Eric Swalwell story—congressmen plied by a beautiful foreign agent with sex—similarly kicks at the seams of mainstream political reality. However, however…

Even though your hardened anti-conspiracy friends may now have to permit the possibility of sex islands, as well as Chinese honeypots operating domestically, do you imagine for a minute you’d be able to convince them of another plot, a different large scale plot they were entirely unfamiliar with? Such as that our FBI has also been implicated in an operation that used sex to criminally compromise U.S. politicians? You could try to educate them, but I imagine you’d revisit your days being called conspiracy theorist. You’ll likely have to wait for the story to hit Netflix to be believed, despite the case having been thoroughly documented in at least three books devoted to the subject as well as an unfinished but widely-available British documentary titled Conspiracy of Silence.

What I stumbled over recently during my lunch break reading was an incident completely new to me, yet another case of politicians undermined by sex.

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