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Arizona’s Anticipated Audit Draft Report Spurs Pre-Rebuttals

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With the anticipated release of the draft report of the Maricopa County forensic audit to the Senate team on Monday, two high profile Arizona officials have publicly submitted their “pre-rebuttals.” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer hope to convince the public that “nobody stole Maricopa County’s election.”

In an effort to discredit the Senate’s independent forensic audit Hobbs in her 46-page anticipatory rebuttal, wrote:

“Despite the overwhelming evidence of a secure election and a complete lack of evidence to support claims of systemic fraud, there are those at the national, state, and local levels who dismiss the validity of these tests and refuse to accept the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Instead, they offer outlandish, unsubstantiated theories of fraud, perpetuating disinformation that continues to simultaneously undermine the results of a free and fair election and erode public confidence in the democratic process.

Embracing these conspiracy theories, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann pursued further review of the election in Maricopa County. Despite frequent references to this review as an audit, the exercise undertaken by the Arizona Senate’s Florida-based contractor, Cyber Ninjas, fails to meet industry standards for any credible audit, much less for an election audit. The Senate’s contractors demonstrated a lack of understanding of election processes and procedures both at a state and county level. This exercise is more accurately described as a partisan review of the 2020 General Election ballots in Maricopa County, the results of which are invalid and unreliable for a number of reasons, which are outlined in this report.”

Hobbs then goes on to “prove” that the state’s “multiple checks, reviews, and audits of the election confirmed the security and integrity of the process,

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