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Arizona Audit Draft Report Review Delayed Until Wednesday

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Arizona is one small step closer to having its forensic audit report, according to Senate President Karen Fann. Unfortunately, the process has been slightly delayed due to illness on the audit team. In her press release on Monday, Fann explained that three of the five members on the audit team are sick with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement from Senate President @FannKfann #AZSenate #Audit pic.twitter.com/H7xDHdRiK3

— AZSenateRepublicans (@AZSenateGOP) August 23, 2021

The press release states that the Senate legal team will meet Wednesday to begin reviewing the draft report. Fann also stated that the Senate received the Maricopa ballot images on Aug. 19. The final report will come after review. Tracy Beanz appeared on the Lars Larson show on Tuesday to explain some of the details.

Fann and the Cyber Ninjas did, however, get a brief reprieve on Tuesday with regard to the audit records they have been ordered to hand over to American Oversight. Superior Court Judge, Michael Kemp, has granted an extension to produce the records. The audit team now has until September to respond. The Court will hear the matter on September 14.

Per reporting by UncoverDC in May, American Oversight filed a lawsuit demanding all public records from the Maricopa County forensic audit. A statement from American Oversight executive director Austin Evers on Aug. 19 claimed the Arizona Senate has sought to “obstruct basic public access to information” related to the audit:

“The Senate has taken radical positions to obstruct basic public access to information about its so-called audit,” said Austin Evers,

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