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Arguably the best primer on the stolen election of 2020

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There was a time when WND had a uniquely broad reach.

The last time we were one of the hottest sites on the internet was in 2016 – late 2016. It was a good run for us. I thought it was the precursor for more really good things.

WND played a distinctive role in the success of Donald J. Trump being elected president – the first time he was elected. Trump was the best president we ever had in the modern era, just the man we needed for the times we were living in.

Because Trump represented such an existential threat to the establishment, the Big Tech monopolies and their approved-media cabal would never forgive us for our full-throated and convincing endorsement of Trump and his pro-America agenda. We started seeing our Google search-engine rankings and Facebook rankings drop precipitously.

Since we were the first independent online journalism organization, starting back in 1997, we had not expected this. We believed America would always protect and defend the First Amendment. After all, it’s in the CONSTITUTION! Silly, naïve us.

In 2020, we thought it was a safe bet that Trump would be re-elected. Then came the Big Steal!

Now, we’re fighting for our life, as you know. But we’re still here – for YOU. We’re still fighting for the Truth.

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