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Anatomy of a Patriotic Trump Supporter

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By Gigi Bowman


As a child, I remember staying home from school to watch the Watergate hearings, so I must have been fascinated by politics at an early age. When I was old enough to register to vote, I joined the Democrat party because they were the party of “people who cared,” so I was told. How do so many new voters get indoctrinated into this way of thinking?? Shall we talk about public school education? Anyway, I think one of my first votes was Jimmy Carter in 1980? Somehow, I don’t remember paying attention to politics much after that. It was all peanut farms and Billy Beer and a president with lust in his heart, so I backed off. I know I voted for Clinton. I wasn’t paying attention, just going along. I actually liked Michael Moore flicks…

And then a major occurrence changed my life, and sometime after that, someone gave me the movie “American Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo, and I woke from the dead, found Ron Paul, and spent the next 10 years of my life living and breathing freedom and liberty by gathering the masses and running events.

I learned a lot from the father of liberty. My head was an encyclopedia of rights, wrongs, and how I and my brethren must save us from the end of America. I started an organization called Liberty Candidates, where I tried to get Ron Paul supporters and liberty lovers to run for office. I had a good 5-year run. There is even a book out there somewhere. And then the 2012 election came.

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