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An Update From the Editor

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As many of you have likely already experienced, social media companies and tech oligarchs have taken swift and decisive action to silence dissenting voices. It wasn’t a matter of “if”, it was a matter of “when.”

Thankfully, UncoverDC remains fully committed to continuing to provide our readers with honest journalism, despite what Silicon Valley and others complicit in this act of tyranny choose to do.

Yesterday, along with millions of others, my social media presence on Facebook and Twitter was erased. We have contingencies in place for this, as we had long been expecting this day.

Before I share the links to where all of you can find UncoverDC content and various social media streams, I want to again assure you that UncoverDC will remain steadfast and will continue providing you with investigative journalism, news, and opinion. We are committed to this goa

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