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An Illegitimate President Takes Power

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The last two and a half months have been a surreal journey for much of the American people. First, an election was blatantly stolen on November 3. President Donald J. Trump was coasting to a significant victory on election night when six key states suddenly shut down their vote counting. Upon resuming in the early morning hours, many of these states made massive vote dumps for Joe Biden, just enough to give him the victory.

Then over the course of two months, every single constitutional safeguard that should have prevented the certifying of that the stolen election failed, from state legislatures to the Supreme Court, to the US Congress itself.

This surreal two-and-a-half-month journey culminated at noon on January 20th, as the country watched an illegitimate President [who will highly likely be replaced long before his term is over] take the oath of office.

Joe the Popular?

Having now installed this illegitimate President, the elite class in DC will now turn all their powers to the task of convincing the American public that Joe Biden is a far more popular president than the man he just replaced in the Oval Office. That is a tall order, but it’s necessary for Biden and those backing him to make the sweeping changes they are planning as they attempt to reverse all of Trump’s policies.

Donald Trump left office with a 51% approval rating, according to Rasmussen, one of the few remaining pollsters with a record for accuracy.  Given the fact, the Democrats had just impeached Trump for a second time that’s nothing short of amazing.

To be an effective President, Biden must have enough popular support to be able to govern.

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