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America’s New First Daughter

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Ivanka Trump’s role as advisor to President Trump was original in its kind for a First Daughter, and some have speculated that Ashley Biden, the only child of Jill and Joe, will similarly advise her father.

The public has for a long-time been familiar with Joe Biden’s sad family back story: that his first wife Neilia, 30, and 13-month-old daughter, Naomi, were killed in a car crash prior to Christmas 1972, consigning him to the role of a grieving single father to the young boys, Hunter and Beau.

Hunter Biden/photo taken from abandoned laptop

Beau’s story also ended in tragedy, when he died of brain cancer aged 46 in 2015. While Hunter disreputably descended into drug addiction, was thrown out of the military for taking drugs, and controversially jeopardized Biden’s presidential bid when he did not pick up a laptop containing highly sensitive material from a repair shop, among other dalliances.

Given the spotlight often placed on these calamities, Biden and his wife Jill have so far kept their only child, Ashley, born in 1981, out of the media’s reach. Often cited details about her are that she holds environmental and social issues dear. Or that, when she discovered beauty brand, Bonne Bell, tested their products on animals, in her youth, she was encouraged by her father to write a letter and ask the company to change its policies. This is said to have led to a later interest in the environment, particularly dolphin conservation.

Biden’s Livelihood Brand Logo

Following graduation from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Social Policy and Practice, Ashley Biden has been a social worker at the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youths and their Families,

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