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America’s Braveheart

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I can almost hear the gasps and gulps as people read this. Donald John Trump was and is a “type” of Christ.

(Sound of internet exploding)

Here is what I mean. Trump left a “heavenly” life of wealth, comfort, luxury, fame, and celebrity. He left that to take on a mission that would result in his “virtual” death—constant attacks, derision, being shunned by his former “friends,” and ostracism from groups that once lauded him. He was betrayed by almost everyone, save his own family. Despite doing nothing but bringing good into their lives, he was hated and cursed. Yet, he continued to bless the country that had to cheat to remove him from his position. Trump may have suffered a “political death,” and certainly may come back stronger than ever. But it’s also possible Trump was not a “type” of Jesus at all, but a type of someone much more human.

In the Bible, even Jesus needed a herald. The stage had to be set for His arrival.

Is it possible that, in fact, Trump was the “John the Baptist” of the movement that will save America? That, in political terms, the “savior” still awaits?

Perhaps a better model of this is the story of William Wallace (“Braveheart”) and Robert the Bruce, the first King of Scotland.

In fact, Trump is not Robert the Bruce, and neither in style, strategy, nor appeal was in the same mold. For example, Trump is not the one who united the elites and the commoners, the workers and the nobility, in a single cause. Trump never actively sought to remake the Republican brand and, more importantly, never developed a strategy to remove Republicans who allied with the English (Democrats).

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