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AG Garland put on the spot: Asked if he’ll renew Durham funding

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Merrick Garland (Photo: Twitter)

A government watchdog group has put Attorney General Merrick Garland on the spot, demanding to know whether he will continue funding for John Durham’s special investigation of the origins of the Democrats’ debunked “Russia collusion” claims against President Trump when the new fiscal year starts in a few weeks.

An organization called Empower Oversight has filed a Freedom of Information Act request wanting to know if Garland “has sought to prematurely terminate Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation.”

William Barr, who was AG for President Trump, gave Durham the assignment to find out what violations of the law there were in the scheme that cooked up the wild allegations, using funding from Hillary Clinton, and propagating the discredited Steele Dossier claims, that ex-British agent Christopher Steele created with his Russian sources.

Evidence now has come available that suggests Hillary Clinton wanted to create the story line that Donald Trump was somehow linked to Russia in order to distract voters from her own email scandal, in which, as secretary of state, she ran government secrets through a private and unsecure email system.

The letter points out that Durham was told to investigate “violations of law in connection with the intelligence, counterintelligence, or law enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns.”

“The eventual findings and outcome of the Durham investigation are of extreme importance to the public, and one former FBI attorney has already been convicted for his misconduct,”

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