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Afghan refugee stopped on U.S.-bound flight with explosive materials in his luggage

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GERMANY – During the rushed and chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan by the Biden administration, a male Afghan refugee managed to board a flight to Germany with explosive materials in his luggage.

The man, who was working as a contractor for the United States, was evacuated from Afghanistan to Ramstein Air Base in Germany during the withdrawal. When he was boarding a flight to depart Germany for the United States, the explosive material was discovered.

#Germany – An Afghan #refugee departing Germany to the #US was detained Monday after authorities discovered #explosive materials in his luggagehttps://t.co/C1dPSOfHM1

— BLackSUnrise (@Ebony_Sunrise) September 8, 2021

Screeners, including a member of the German military assisting the U.S., found five blasting caps, one igniter switch, a “def cord” and one shock tube in the man’s luggage on Monday morning, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA issued a memorandum addressing the incident:

“TSA advised that during the physical search (full open) of the individual’s baggage a German military member identified a suspicious item in the baggage.”

The explosive material was removed from the hanger and an ordinance team was summoned to properly dispose of the items.

The man was immediately removed from the boarding line and detained. Officials said they do not believe the man had ill intent, and that the explosive materials were related to his work.

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