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Accountability in Wisconsin for CTCL and CEIR Grants?

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The 2020 elections were administrated using more than just taxpayer money—funding also came from 3rd party groups, including the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). Wisconsin may be ground zero for investigations into exactly how it was done, what political motivations were behind that money, and to what extent it was criminal.

Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was named Special Counsel by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and has been responsible for investigating potential election crimes in Wisconsin. Subpoenas have been sent to Mayors and officials in the ‘Big Five’ Wisconsin cities that received the most’ Zuckerbucks,’ seeking all records related to grants by CTCL. As Gableman explained on Dan O’Donnell’s radio show:

“How much did Mark Zuckerburg’s employees or agents take over administration on behalf of a private individual or a private group? How deeply and how substantively did they actually administer public elections? And, equally important, to what extent did their clear preference for one candidate, that’s Joe Biden, influence their conduct?”

Green Bay, for one, received millions in grant money for administration and election expenses from groups like CTCL and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR). The Federalist reported that their analysis found that the money resulted in a significant benefit to Joe Biden. Attorney Erick Kardaal, who has clients challenging the five largest recipients of grants in Wisconsin, including Green Bay, told Steve Bannon in July:

“They were targeting minorities, low-income people, and they were targeting certain geographies. That’s all Unconstitutional.”

‘The Free Market Voice for Wisconsin’ MacIver Institute said in March that at least five laws had been violated and that Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich “may have personally committed felony misconduct in public office.” State Representative Janel Brandtjen’s April 20 e-update describes potential criminality alleged by Kardaal’s lawsuit further by saying, 

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