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A Window Into Who We Are Dealing With in Congress

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by Stu Cvrk

The political class has spoken: Joe Biden has been “certified” by the US Congress as the United States’ next president. A staged break-in of the US Capitol was used as an excuse to avoid any discussion or debate on the massive evidence of election fraud that compromised the votes of electors in several swing states (at the very least). How convenient.

If President Trump has accomplished nothing else (and he definitely has, as reported herehere, and here), he has exposed the near-total corruption of our political institutions. From judges unwilling to look at the evidence of election fraud while hiding behind “standing” and “process” for their rulings, to gutless Republicans in Congress who have rolled over and willfully ignored and excused the overwhelming evidence of that fraud, to the Democrats who have fought all attempts at real audits of ballots cast tooth and nail, and to the legacy media who are nothing if not the hand-maidens of the Democrat Party who blatantly pushed a hologram candidate over the top on Election Day night and then blithely lied by conveying a false narrative that “no courts have found evidence of election fraud” (see above judicial corruption) – only the hyper-partisans on the Left and in the media believe that the election was “fair and secure and freely won by Joe Biden.”

There has been much post-election analysis outside the legacy media (the only place where truth can be found these days). One such excellent compilation of evidence of election fraud is entitled, “Yes, It Was a Stolen Election,” which details what happened in all of the battleground states, with 93 linked sources in the article supporting the analysis provided.

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