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A Thanksgiving prayer

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Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to live in the greatest country in the world – one where we as citizens are permitted to live in freedom, to speak our minds, to debate the great issues of the day openly and without fear and, most of all, to worship You and to tell others about You and Your Gospel of saving grace and redemption.

We as Americans take all this for granted too often.

Yet, from the earliest commemorations of Thanksgiving here in America, this was the common denominator that brought people of the New World together.

I’m so thankful to be part of a country where worshiping You is not a crime – yet.

I’m thankful we have the opportunity to tell others about You.

I’m thankful You have blessed this land in so many ways.

I’m thankful for the way You chastise this land and judge it with leaders unworthy of this nation’s great heritage but who are, in Your wisdom, necessary to correct us and reveal our iniquities.

I’m thankful for Your patience and mercy with Americans, who, despite their countless blessings, do not often recognize from where they come.

I’m thankful we have abundant food today – that we get to celebrate this solemn occasion in the w

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