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A Texas Father’s Worst Nightmare

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For many years, a Texas father, Jeff Younger, has been in the battle of his life over the custody of his nine-year-old son James Younger. The adolescent boy’s mother, pediatrician Anne Georgulas of Coppell, Texas, believes her son is transgender and wants him to begin transitioning to a girl (aka Luna). Georgulas has been granted full custody of little James Younger. Texas Representatives have written several bills to protect children from similar fates; however, they have not gotten through the House or Republican Speaker Dade Phalen. Likewise, Governor Greg Abbott has issued no Executive Orders on the matter. Efforts have mainly been dead on arrival, with Abbott looking to others to make decisions as election season kicks off.

In early August 2021, Judge Mary Brown of the Texas 301st Judicial District (Dallas) ruled in favor of the mother, stipulating the mother can not make any decisions regarding puberty blockers, gender reassignment surgery, or hormone-suppression therapy without the father’s consent or a court order. In addition, Jeff Younger may only visit with his two sons under the supervision of the Forensic Counseling Services at the cost of $175 a visitation session. Entirely at the father’s expense.

We spoke to Jeff Younger to discuss the new developments. He says he will continue to fight for his sons. He loves them. He has complied with every order from the court and strongly believes that Governor Greg Abbott could have prevented all of this from happening years ago if he really cared.

Jeff Younger has accommodated the courts, the mother, and gone as far as to keep girls’ clothing in his son’s room so if he does want to dress as a girl, he can.

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