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A Radical New President in a Big Hurry

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Within just a few short days of taking office, Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear he fully intends to crater the Trump economy and sandbag the U.S. energy sector with a raft of new job-killing policies and Green New Deal executive orders.  He’s even being urged by members of Congress such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer [D-NY] to take even more radical measures by declaring a ‘climate national emergency’.

Very few Americans supported returning the country to dependence on foreign energy sources, rejoining the Paris Climate Deal, or the radical environmental Green New Deal policies. Buyer’s remorse is already surfacing across the country as voters grapple with real world implications of Biden’s policies, such as doubling the federal minimum wage to $15, or killing the Keystone Pipeline project.

It is already becoming obvious there was never any real broad national support for the Democrats radical agenda for the country – or the candidates they put forward to promote it. A stolen election has now led to the country being held hostage to a radical agenda that could never have been voted in honestly. Biden should be coming into office riding a wave of popular support that hands him an overwhelming mandate, if indeed he honestly garnered the 81,000,000 votes from the American public that it is claimed he received.

Eighty-one million voters backing Biden should make him one of the most popular Presidents in history, but the picture that is forming during the first week is of a troubled Biden administration that is resorting to a raft of executive actions precisely because Democrats know there is no popular support for this agenda.

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