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A Captain’s Reflection on War Without End

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Over the past few weeks, I have encouraged patriots to set aside hopelessness and disappointment, get refocused on local government, and assess new ways of thinking about decades-old problems.

I had intended for my post on opposing endless wars to be brief, but the thoughts kept coming as I wrote.  I ended up with a treatise accounting for much more of my personal experience than originally planned.  As an Army Military Intelligence officer at a tactical level, my job was to think.  How do we eliminate the enemy?  How do we keep them from eliminating us?  How does weather impact mobility?  Does my colonel already know this?

As those questions climb higher within the chain of command, they turn into ones like “What do we need to do to win this war and get our troops home?”  Or at least we have been led to believe that is the case.  Truthfully, many promising young officers and soldiers choose different career paths when they finally wake up to the realization that deployment orders are not underwritten with a willingness to win the endless wars.

Personal Account

When a mind that previously trusts in a system takes a “red pill,” it never sees the world the same way again and is unable to return to the former system of belief.  One of my most memorable red pills was ingested when I realized that we never had a plan to win any of the wars we have started this century, and arguably long before.

If the reader is unfamiliar with the term “red pill,” then it should be made clear that it originates from the movie, The Matrix.  Those who choose to take the red pill,

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