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5 conjoined kittens born in animal rescue, 3 little lives still hang in the balance

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When Little Whiskers Animal Rescue in Maricopa, Arizona, agreed to take in a momma cat and her babies, they didn’t expect what they were brought instead: over 29 cats of all ages, including some that were pregnant.

The sheer number of cats was staggering, but just a few days after they were brought in, a new problem came to light.

On April 1, one of the cats gave birth to a tangle of kittens — five of them, joined by the skin on their stomachs, possibly a result of inbreeding.

Despite the date of the post, the story was sadly not a joke, and the rescue made a plea for help on its Facebook page.

“These kittens are in critical condition!” the rescue wrote. “We’ve rushed them to the vet this morning 5 of the kittens were all conjoined to each other by the skin in the belly.

“All 5 of these kittens shared a placenta as well as one very tiny cord! 2 of the kittens have a conjoined body. We’ve seen a lot of crazy things but this is probably one of the most out there ones yet!”

“Mom and babies are at the vet now working to see how to separate them and if they’re viable. While at the vet mom decided she

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